GIS Training

Learn GIS with the Top GIS Community in the Philippines

For more than 30 years, we have been providing training services to many private and government organizations across the Philippines. Our direct linkage with Esri, as its sole distributor, has given us the exclusive license to conduct its official standard GIS training courses for our local clientele. This guarantees that your organization gets the same standards that Esri maintains across all its offices and training partners worldwide. All our instructors have secured technical certification from Esri, testifying their expertise on different aspects of the technology, such as Desktop GIS, Enterprise GIS, GIS Database Management, System Design, and so on. The instructors conducting our training courses are all experienced users of ArcGIS.

We have various training courses specifically designed for the GIS learning needs of your organization. Our training program includes courses from GIS fundamentals to advanced knowledge in the ArcGIS platform and is specifically designed for IT administrators, data specialists, and field workers. We also provide localized training services for specific industries.

Our expertise in training is further embodied in our multiple affiliations with certifying bodies and training organizations, such as the Logotri-Philnet of the Local Government Academy of the Philippines, the Civil Service Commission, and the Philippine Society for Training and Development (PSTD).

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