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GIS for Telecommunications

In the Philippines, if not all over the world, private and public telecommunication enterprises and companies and others offering triple service (i.e., cable TV, internet and telephone) generally depend on geographic information in managing their core businesses. Their clients, cell sites, landlines and landlines posts, antennas, cable TV lines, and other telecommunication assets are all geographically based. ESRI GIS software is the ideal platform to for telecommunications to integrate all of these geographic information and share it with all their departments. On the part of government, ESRI GIS software is likewise the ideal platform for it to effectively and efficiently supervise, adjudicate and control all telecommunications services throughout the country much like the Telecommunications Office (TELOF) of the Philippine Government is doing.


With GIS, everyone from customer service representatives to the board of directors can access user-friendly, interactive maps with the focused information they need to give answers quickly and make smarter decisions. Transform your information into actionable resources, and start beating the competition in not just speed, but also service.


ArcGIS for Telecommunications

Keep customers happy by becoming more efficient. Connect field crews to the office in real time so your representatives can answer questions. Share internally or with public-facing maps that engage your community. Strengthen relationships through communication you can control.

ArcGIS Online

Deploy real-time, interactive web maps to mobile devices and computers. Be proactive from day one with Esri's ready-to-use apps, templates, and datasets. Make maps without prior GIS training, and choose who gets to see which information. ArcGIS Online converts from any device, desktop, or browser.



ArcGIS for Mobile

Enable your entire work force to access, build, and share web maps and apps. With mobile solutions, you can improve field operations and make more informed business decisions. Your crews can talk to you in the language of data from their device to yours.


Opportunities abound in this era of in-demand wireless connectivity. Find the right ones for you. Map your tower networks against external data: demographics, economics, cultural environment, and natural barriers. Start leveraging your whole underbelly of network intelligence to get the bigger picture of your wireless capabilities. Make stronger decisions based on what you know—by learning what your data knows.


ArcGIS for Telecommunications

Keep stakeholders happy by becoming more efficient. Reduce time spent planning, connect field crews to each other and to the office, and share select information with public-facing maps that engage customers.
ArcGIS Platform

Share what you know across your organization. Make better calls when you see all your data on a single, defined map. Manage assets, stay current on weather patterns that may affect your service, and know what's happening in the field. Reduce complex questions to simple solutions you can share.




ArcGIS for Desktop

Transform raw data into productive information. With a powerful mapping software that consolidates all your geographic data into one place, start seeing how your business really looks. Identify opportunities, reduce churn rates, easily comply with regulations, and maximize your field operations when you put modern, intuitive maps on any device.
Plan, build, and expand service to the places that need it most. Track projects with network analysis and real-time visualizations of the field. Share what you know with who you want to know. Enhance your market forecasts, route your backhaul network, and manage asset conditions. Then push what you find to the people who need to take the next step.


ArcGIS for Telecommunications

Become more efficient. Reduce time spent planning your network and spend more time optimizing it. Connect your field crews to the office, and share information internally for stronger collaboration and faster decision making. When your internal services work, your external ones work better.
ArcGIS for Server

Pick which datasets you share across your organization. Let your teams access interactive maps anywhere they have Internet access. You can connect with colleagues to discuss the latest developments no matter where they are, thanks to ArcGIS for Server. Come to the best decisions with informed collaboration you can see.




Esri Business Analyst

Let the data show you your next boom site. Break ground with geographic confidence in your venture. Watch your strategies burst to life on real-time maps that show you what you need to know about your business, customers, and marketplace.