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Who We Are

GEODATA Systems was founded in the Philippines, February 1991, 20 years after Esri launched the first commercial GIS software--ArcInfo. Together with Esri, we believe that geography matters in almost all aspects of our lives, activities, and businesses.

Geodata Systems is an accredited institution of the Civil Service Commission and the only IT partner of the Local Government Training Institute/Philnet under the LGA. Registered with the government electronic procurement system and accredited supplier of DBM.

With the technologies of its business partners, GEODATA Systems and its clients continue to help in national development in numerous ways like finding promising sites for fast-growing companies, supporting land use planning, mapping and visualizing political and administrative boundaries, assess forest denudation, map flooding and traffic conditions, fight crime, managing assets and facilities and countless other vital tasks.

With GIS fast being adopted as an important management and decision support tool, GEODATA Systems is ready to assist any business, industry, government office, or any small enterprise in its GIS requirements.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the inspirational market leader in the Philippines and Asia Pacific on geospatial technology products and solutions.

We will achieve this by:

  • Engaging and collaborating with communities we serve composed of customers, business partners, stockholders and employees;
  • Innovating geospatial technologies and solutions which help users be more effective and efficient through location intelligence;
  • Distributing geospatial products and providing related data and services.

Our Mission

We advocate and advance the development, use and sharing of geospatial information products and solutions that help improve people’s lives and good governance.

Corporate Capabilities

Geodata Systems Technologies, Inc. focuses on providing Geographic Information System (GIS) and Mapping Solutions in the Philippines. It has been servicing the Philippine market since 1991. 

For almost 26 years, Geodata Systems has established itself to be the GIS leader in the Philippines with over 300 user groups.

Sole Philippine distributor of GIS software from Esri (, the global leader in the GIS software industry.

Sole Authorized Reseller of Trimble's GPS Device for GIS and Mapping,  ITT VIS Image Processing Solutions, Telvent ArcFM specifically designed for utility industry, Archibus' Total Infrastructure and Facilities Management and a Value Added Reseller of Telcordia Technologies Inc., a leading provider of solutions to telecommunications industry worldwide.

Our Sales Team

Utilities, Transportation and Communication
Leo PinarocVertical Manager - OIC
LGUs and NGAs
Adelbert EvangelistaVertical Manager
Education, Research, Science and Technology
Owen LagundayVertical Manager
Natural Resources, Agriculture, Climate Change, and Environment
Kay VerzosaVertical Manager - OIC
National Security and Foundation Data
Luz DrapeteVertical Manager
Commercial and Business
Herbert PionillaVertical Manager - OIC